About Us


The Adventure Nexus

Founded in 2019 by life long Gamer, Entrepreneur and President Will Moquin, we are a brand new RPG Gaming and Tech company, based out of the Boulder, Co. area. Founded with an employee first culture and in the spirit of wanting to build a gaming company that will have a lasting and measurable impact on Table Top Role Playing and RPG communities at large.

Your donations and Kickstarter support will go toward funding the development of our proprietary app The Adventure Nexus prototype we hope to unveil soon;

An app that among many amazing, Game Changing Features, solves Gaming's most prevalent problem; Finding A Group...

We have an amazing Development Team in Rob and Julie Blackburn, and Blackburn Labs, huge ttrpg fans and avid players by the way, so you know they are passionate about the product!

We are confident that this innovative product will change the game for Table-Top RPG's on many levels, for everyone, and we are very excited about the prospects of where it will take Table-Top Gaming, Magic The Gathering and the many other Roads to Adventure it will provide.

The sooner we can generate the funds for a completed prototype, the sooner we can launch our combined Kickstarter, fully fund our product development and bring you this exciting product.