About Us



We are a Syracuse-Rochester, Upstate NY based, Tech Gaming Company, developing a networking and ecommerce Web-App for connecting gamers and helping them schedule games, along with many features that will make it a go to resource for the gaming community at large. 

We are heading into our development phase and are excited about the product we have envisioned and the potential impact it will have for gamers everywhere.

We are working hard to deliver an exciting, insightful and innovative product in 2023. 

Meet our Team:

Simondrius the Dragon

A mischievous little treasure hoarding Dungeons and Dragons playing dragon with a soft but fierce disposition and a desire to share his treasures and games with the Gaming Community!


Simondrius the Dragon


Will Moquin - Founder - Chief Marketing Officer


Ian Gauger - Co - Founder - Chief Executive Officer


Meet our Advisory Board:

Ross Winston - Chief Technology Officer - TCGPlayer.com


Adie Akuffo-Afful - Head of Venture Funding - WeFunder.com


Dr. Anthony Franchini Founder - CBETHNK Consulting


The Adventure Nexus are members of the following Startup Incubators;

The Syracuse Tech Garden


Launch NY