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Our Vision.

Hello and well met Adventurers!

The Adventure Nexus is a new Social Community hub for all Role Players, role playing games and Dungeons and Dragons 5E specifically. We wish to foster a community of inclusion for all Role Players and all games.

We are in the process of launching several new and exciting products for 2020. 


We are hoping to begin to grow a following of Role Players and DM's who come here to discuss the many intricacies of Dungeons and Dragons 5E, other editions and all Role Playing games.

We will be hiring for Blogging/Vlogging, Artistry/Illustration, World and Module writing and development as well as Administrators/Moderators and other Adventure Nexus Staff.

So please share us far and wide so we can bring the joy that only Role Playing can bring to the world.

We plan to provide you with immersive blog content that is thought-provoking and insightful

From DMing and RP advice and observations to product reviews and recommendations. Featuring a variety of guest and Adventure Nexus authors.
We will be publishing a series of digital modules on a quarterly basis with a progressive and intact storyline in the fresh new magical world of
'Gessa' will take players on the journey from level 1-20. As well as provide quality gaming merchandise including a library of freshly imagined monster miniatures and everything from dice to books to t-shirts at attractive prices.

We will eventually have live stream content and even Adventure Based Cosplay contests for cash prizes.

All this and so much more… 

We are currently determining our development team and hope to be launched by 2021. Stay tuned for announcements on this.

I think it is important to declare...

This company will be founded on an Employee First Culture with competitive salaries and full benefits. Including Profit Sharing. So if you've had a dream to be in this industry. We want to hear from you.


We will be donating 10% off all proceeds ( to be split between) to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital / and National Pet Adoptions and Emergency Medical Care for Pets of Low-Income Pet Owners and Veterans.

We hope that you will support these great causes independently of us. However, supporting us is a great way of making a substantial contribution to some amazing causes.

So please spread the word and come spend some time in The Adventure Nexus with us. Please keep a lookout for our first blog article coming soon.
Thank you for your support!

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~The Adventure Nexus Team ~

Our Gaming Gods


We are headhunting!

We will be hiring content developers. Worldbuilders and module writers to produce unique and varied content that will be developed into fresh new digital downloads for your gaming needs!

We are also hiring guest bloggers and vloggers for writing and professional mini-painting tutorials.

As well as An Art Director and a Team of Professional Artists for Illustration.

So if you are a Worldbuilder / Writer / Pro Painter or  Artist,  please jump in and help grow this community.


Post your art samples. Send your writing submissions or vlog auditions in HERE.

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